(Branding & UX/UI for a Healthcare Brand)

Fedo is a preventive healthcare brand focussed on "feeling good, doing better"

We focussed on crafting a logo, which was simple, happy and meaningful

While being distinctly visible at the smallest sizes yet scalable without any distortion

Shape and design consistency was maintained from

the typeface to the character design

to ensure singular design approach across all brand touchpoints.


The main goal of the app is to help you get better.

Physical, mental and spiritual well being.

I. The Splash Screen

The app begins with the Fedo character levitating as the app loads to help build a feeling of peace.

III. The Profile Screen

A screen to capture all the necessary information about the user in a neat, clean and user friendly form.

II. The Main Screen

The app starts with a dashboard showing your Fedo Score, and a tip to keep yourself healthy.

It also showcases your daily progression on your health and lifestyle goals. There's a card dedicated to populate with articles helping you to feel good and do better.

IV. Goal Selection Screen

A user can then select a goal which he wants to pursue. This could be a lifestyle goal or a daily health goal.

V. The articles screen

Fedo wanted writing high-engagement informational pieces to be imbibed into their core offerings, our aim was to create an interface that would provide the optimal reading experience without any distraction to encourage longer reading time.

This project was nominated for Adobe FoxGlove Awards 2017

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