(Re-branding for a Consultation Firm)

Existing Logo

Updated Logo

About the firm 

GAC (Green Angle Consultants) is the business of consultation and implementation of strategies for growth.


They help clients setup companies, transform existing firms and support growth.

I. The Logo Audit 

GAC's old logo had elements that could be retained. The squares resembled building blocks that could help tell the brand's story.

(i) Setup

II. Concept 

The three core services that they provide (setup, reinvent & scale) can be represented by building blocks that form the foundation of their identity. The rearrangement of these building blocks also represents the flexibility of their services.

(ii) Reinvent

(iii) Scale

III. Dynamic System 

The brand identity is designed with the core values of flexibility & dynamicity. This allows their logo to take up eight different forms, which can be used as per the needs of the application.

We are able to tell the story of reinvention & flexibility through the usage of our dynamic identity.

The container for the dynamic identity.

This gives rise to 8 approved versions of the logo. Each one can be used as per the need of the application

IV. Branded Assets 

Extended from the design of the logo unit, we developed lockups for their offerings, i.e, "Setup. Reinvent.Scale."

These branded assets help sharpen the identity of their brand. These can be used across collaterals where they need to differentiate their offerings.

V. Brand Extensions 

Example of the dynamic identity adapting across different collaterals while maintaining the design DNA.

Presentation Templates

Adaptive Logo

Book Cover Design & Posters / Social Media Posts

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