The Brand Anchor

We believe Inito is the beginning of personalised healthcare.

As a brand we position ourselves between your devices and healthcare. It starts with the tap of your finger on your screen and it's possibilities are endless.


(Branding for a Medical Device)

Inito manufactured a medical device that could bring medical tests into the convenience of your home.

The story of our logo

The brand logo is formed by the cohesive and unified design of a fingerprint and 'i'. The 'i' stands for you as a consumer and for inito. The fingerprint adds on as a visual metaphor for our belief in personalisation.

Easy to draw and recognise

Design System

The inito brand system is made up of primary and secondary components that tell the story of technology empowering the world. They establish consistency across touch-points for building brand recognition. They can be combined in a seemingly endless array, allow our brand to adapt for the road ahead.

I. Typography

Inito uses Proxima Nova as it's primary typeface and Myraid Pro as it's secondary typeface.

Good typography plays a key role in communication, both internal and external. Clarity and consistency are essential to instil confidence and understanding across all channels.

Proxima Nova for headings

Myraid Pro for body copy

II. Colours

Meet Torea Bay, Viking and Grape. The three colors that help establish the brand identity across all brand touch points.

Torea Bay



III. Pattern

Across all communications, we incorporate an oval converging pattern. This helps focus attention onto specific parts of the artwork. It also helps build consistency across designs.

IV. Iconography

Icons serve as an extended part of the visual identity of the brand. They serve as an important visual aid in any graphical communication. Their primary function is to serve as a common visual language.

Brand Extensions

When all these different elements come together, we see a consistent brand experience being formed.

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