The brief

The Art Tribe is a t-shirt manufacturing company which helps users customise the fabric, design and fit of their t-shirts.


They targeted young individuals who love art and wanted something unique &  eye-grabbing for the brand design.


The creative mandate was to design their brand and set a tone for all their future communication.

The Art Tribe


The inspiration

Tribal designs with uniform strokes & repeating continuous lines seemed like a good starting point for creating and extending their brand visually.

The final logo uses a single line of stroke to create a similar tribal design and also carries the initials of the brand: T & A

The logo was broken apart to form the design element that would be dynamic across the different applications of the brand.

To add more depth to the design, a pattern was also created using the same tribal shapes used in the logo & design element.


The effort was to create a design system where even without the logo, the brand could easily be identified.


This dynamic design element would also further communicate the customising options provided by the brand. 

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