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Rebranding Yulu

Developing the Visual Design Language

Yulu is in the business of shared micro-mobility vehicles which can be used for last mile connectivity and short distance commute.

If this is the distance a user has to cover.

Yulu solves for the last mile connectivity and short distance commute.

Yulu solves for the last mile connectivity and short distance commute.

Simplifying it,

If this is the distance an user has to cover Our transportation system is only able to take the user almost near his/her destination. There are gaps which our transportation system isn’t able to cover.

Yulu covers the last mile and the shorter distances, helping the user reach his/her destination.

Yulu is the link that completes the transportation chain.

This link becomes an intergral part of our design language


We developed illustrations for Yulu bikes which would help us seamlessly tell our story across various brand touch points.

The logo re-design

Existing Logo

Issues with the existing logo

1. Poor legibility

2. Cues a cycle brand

3. Complex design (IoT symbol, cycle, lack of balance between black and blue)

Problems to solve with the new branding

1. Consistency across touch points

2. Cue a brand that moves people

3. Extendable to form a design system



Mobility + Brand Initials + IoT (Retained from the old logo) + environment friendly

The story

The symbol

Brand Initials



New Beginnings

An excited individual

Also, the handle of a two wheeler

The logo

Sharp, circular font to compliment the symbol

Brand Extensions

Store Signage

Cycle branding

App icon

Website Design



Badge design

Billboard design

parking symbol

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